We at Tabi Learning Labs are a young, vibrant team of enthusiastic and energetic individuals! We have come from all over to band together and make this incredible app. We are ambitious and always pushing ourselves to build the best apps and push them even further. Not only that, we are a group of good friends that like to spend time together and unwind after a long, productive day in the office.

We are focused on creating incredible learning experiences for children. For us, each app needs to contain these three key points:

Verified educational contents

we create our apps and fill them with
incredible art and wonderful gameplay
to make them immersive experiences.
However, as adults, our opinion is not
reliable. So we hand over
our apps to our kid testing squad! They
play the games and give us (very
honest) feedback. We then take that
forward to develop the game further.

Crafted Content

Didactic paths for children

Our educational team study
curriculums from all over the world and
pour over learning materials and
resources. These launch discussions
and debates over what is good or not
and becomes the the fuel for creating our
own materials. We can carefully create
and carve out learning paths that are
aligned to the best materials out there.
This guarantees quality and a
structured path for all our learners.

Learn while having fun

Learning happens when you are having
fun and enjoying the experience. We
believe this to be utterly true and keep
it close as we create each app from
scratch. We carefully choose the
materials and then wrap it in an
amazing, artistic world that is guided
by an incredible gameplay experience.
This helps us plant these educational
seeds and let them grow in your child's
mind, without detracting from the fun
and immersive world.

Technology Smart

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